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Breeds of rabbits. American Sable.

Hi everybody! How are you? I hope, you are well. Today i tell you about very interesting rabbits, that Amrican Sable. Maybe you ask: "Why Amrican rabbits? Why American Sable? Why American Chinshilla? Is there no other countries?". I answer, that i write an articles about breeds of rabbits in alphabetical order. OK, American Sable. We are started.

 American Sable

Rabbit size: weight of 10 pounds
Color: Hmmm... White-gray...No... White-brown...No... What is this color?!))

American Sable
American Sable - very interesting rabbit

The American Sable is very beautiful and useful. This breed have a commercial body and suitable for cultivation for sale. This breed don't very popular but they are not in the process of extinction. There are people who care for them. Any blotchiness of shading –which can be easily caused by sunburn or molt — is a fault. A perfectly colored Sable is difficult to produce. A white toenail is also cause for disqualification.  The eyes must possess a ruby glow to avoid disqualification on the show table.  
The color sable is now found in many rabbit breeds, but it first appeared in litters of American Chinchillas or Standard in the 1920 years. Breeders started developing these shaded bunnies and they were accepted into the standard in 1931 years. Ohio remains one of the strongholds of the American Sable today.The darkest period in the breed’s history was in the early eighties, when it would have probably been dropped from the ARBA standard if not for the dedicated effort of an Ohio breeder, Al Roerdanz.  
Today this is all. Friends! Please send a comments!(( 

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