Saturday, March 21, 2015

Breeds of rabbits. American rabbits.

The "My funny home rabbits" presents series of articles about the breed of rabbits. Today, we start this story. Part 1 types of rabbits about American rabbits!

1. American rabbits

American bunny
Colors of body: white, blue
Bunny size: 4-5,5 kg (9-12 lbs)

American bunny History and Information

           Species established in 1910`s by Lewis Salisbury of Pasadena, California (USA). He has connected with each other breeds of rabbits: the Vienna, Beveren, Blue Imperial, and Flemish Giant. First American rabbits were very popular. After the Second World War, they lost popularity. And by 2000 the world had 200 individuals of this species. Fortunately, in 2005, "Wildlife Fund" American rabbits took under his wing. Now the rabbits population goes up rapidly. 
              Adults  mammals weigh 9-12  pounds (4-4,5 kg). The fur of American rabbits are very much appreciated. Americans bunnies come in two recognized colors: white and blue.  Some citizen of USA says: "We need developed a red American rabbits to add to the blue and white". Very patriotic, really? The eyes of rabbits white as ruby.
              Problems in breeding rabbits:
- large;
- a limited number of rabbits for sale
But friends, if you invest to American bunnies, you will know that you save wealth of nature.

American white rabbit. Photo by Wikipedia   
American blue rabbit. Photo by Wikipedia.
In the next article we will tell about American Chinchilla. See you soon!

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